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LLC «Sistema» — is a young and fast developing company.
The company is engaged in production and sales of food additives.



Effective and reliable organization


Experienced and highly trained personnel


Quality, logistics and sales control


Personal approach to each client


Development of advanced formulas


Suppliers from Europe and Asia


Analysis of current market situation


Strategic plans for development

Clients and partners

Our suppliers are European and Asian manufacturers of food additives. Nowadays, clients of our company include leaders of the Food industry in Russia and former CIS countries.

Advantages of our company are trained personnel, effective organization of procurement, manufacturing, as well as of quality, logistics and sales control.

We provide each client with a full range of services: from development of advanced formulas, production process management to provision of ingredients that are necessary for manufacturing.

Cooperation with «JRS Silvateam»

«Sistema» is the official representative of the Italian company «JRS Silvateam» in the Russian Federation. «JRS Silvateam» supplies a full range of citrus pectins: low metaxylated, highly metaxylated, amidated, under the brand name Aglupectin®, for a variety of food industries.The «Sistema» company is a team of professionals. Together with the manufacturer, Sistema's employees will develop unique recipes according to your requests and provide technological support at all stages of production.

Partnership with «Elso Kimya»

Elso Kimya (Elso Kimya San. ve Tic A.Ş.) was founded in 1949. Beginning in 1967, the company began producing essential oils, cosmetic fragrances and food flavorings, identical to natural, in liquid and powder form. All departments of our company carry out their functions in order to satisfy the needs of our clients. Our production workshops are ISO 9001, FSSC 22000, Helal and GMP certified, which allows us to provide our customers with our services according to the most modern technologies and trends.With the knowledge and experience accumulated over more than 70 years, we do not look at our clients "only as clients", but are based on a friendly approach and, if necessary, are ready to provide technical assistance.Elso Kimya solves the problems of its clients and wishes to include each client in the portfolio of regular customers.

Joint ventures

LLC «Sistema» is open for joint ventures with manufacturing and trade companies, domestic and foreign suppliers of ingredients.

We have created strategic plans for development for each group of partners. During negotiations on specific conditions with partners we are able to take your requirements into account and to assess individual offers based on effective analysis of market situation and opportunities for its development.

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Honesty is the foundation of our company and we strive for a “win-win” situation where everyone is pleased and the relationship can endure over the medium-long term.


Our company offers the following groups of products


Pectin is a versatile hydrocolloid (gelling agent) that affects the rheology of food: gelatinization, suspension and viscosity, is very popular with consumers as a natural product due to its gelling and thickening properties, as well as a source of dietary fiber. And it is used in the production of a wide range of food products, namely: for marmalade, marshmallows, jams, preserves, juices, dairy products.

The following range of products is currently in stock:

Aglupectin HS – SBR150M New

Pectin is intended for the production of marmalade without added sugar using sugar substitutes.

Aglupectin LC – S18XH

Low metaxylated pectin for heat-stable fillings, including condensed milk.

Aglupectin LC – S12B

Low metaxylated pectin for heat-stable fillings, including condensed milk.

Aglupectin LA – S20

Low metaxylated amidated pectin for fillings with low solids content.

Aglupectin LA – S526

Low metaxylated amidated pectin for fillings with low solids content.

Aglupectin LA – SX402

Low methaxylated amidated pectin for thermostable fillings.

Aglupectin LA – S10SB

Low metaxylated pectin for pH neutral fillings.

Aglupectin LA – S15SB

Low metaxylated pectin for pH neutral fillings.

Aglupectin HS – SBR 150

Highly metaxylated pectin for the production of marmalade and marshmallows.


Complex enzyme preparations are used in the production of flour confectionery products to adjust the rheological properties of the dough, simplify the technological process and obtain products with specified characteristics.

Egg powder

Food concentrate, a substitute for fresh chicken eggs, almost as good as them in terms of digestibility. Spray-drying powder with high solubility (over 90%), produced in accordance with GOST on modern equipment.

Alimentary fiber

In the production of functional and therapeutic products, dietary fiber is a mandatory ingredient, as a source of protein and mineral substances, vitamins, fats, as well as digestible and indigestible carbohydrates.

Natural colorants

These are colorants found in plant and animal sources. Raw materials for natural food coloring can be berries, flowers, leaves, roots, etc. In addition, some of the natural colorants are produced microbiologically or chemically.

Synthetic colorants

Synthetic food colorants allow for bright and rich color at low doses. They give a much wider range of colors than natural dyes. Synthetic colorants do not occur naturally and are organic substances obtained by chemical synthesis.


Gelling agents

Used in food industry as structure-forming agents, jelly makers, thickeners. The most widely used kinds of gelling agents are: agar, pectin, alginate, carrageenan.


They are high molecular substances able to soluble or thicken in water. They occur naturally and differ in their origin, chemical composition, features, and area of use in food industry.


They influence the structure and consistency of products. The main characteristics are: ability to soluble in water, ability to form viscous gel. Guar gum, xanthan gum, locust beam gum, tara gum are in the highest demand.

Vanilla powder

Vanilla powder is a powder made from dried and ground vanilla pods. It remarkably preserves its flavour even if being heated up to high temperatures. Thus, it's being frequently used to produce bakery products and confectionery.

100% pure vanillin

Vanillin is the most widespread aroma compound in production of confectionery; it's also used in fragrance industry, production of medicine, cleaning products, or feed.

Cocoa products

Cocoa powder contains tonic substances — caffeine (less than coffee), theophylline and theobromine, as well as the antidepressant phenylephylamine. The fatty acids in cocoa butter normalize blood cholesterol levels.


Used for giving specific flavours to products or goods.


Substances used to sweeten food as an alternative to sugar.

Food chemistry

For getting quality, diverse and commercially viable food products.


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